GIANT EGG SURPRISE OPENING SPIDERMAN Marvel superhero toys Kids Video Ryan ToysReview

Join Ryan as he open up this awesome giant surprise egg! This time it’s Spiderman toys!!! Ryan open in our backyard for an amazing kids outdoor play! We only let Ryan keep 1 toy, we donate rest of the toys to our local charity goodwill!!! Please give back to the community and donate also! =)
Ryan will also play with water sprinkler, and shot spider web)

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This video include awesome toys for kids such as
– Big Spiderman doll ,
-4 different marvel ultimate spider-man web warriors titan hero series action figure (iron spider, regular spider-man, Ultimate spider-man, Spider-man 2099)
-Web copter launching web missile
-blast n Go Iron spider street charger
-blast n Go spider racer
-Marvel super hero mashers (you can combine to make different superheroes like wolverine, skaar, and even iron man!
-Spidey shot web fluid
-Spider-Man Web Shooter Sprinkler

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