SLIME BAFF Bath in gooey slime Spiderman Egg Surprise Paw Patrol Disney Cars McQueen Bath Toys

Bathtime fun with Slime Baff in green gooey oozy bath of slime, with Ryan from Ryan ToysReview. Ryan had a fun time taking a slime bath with his spiderman doll! Ryan open a Egg Surprise. The surprise toy inside the egg were bath toys Paw Patrol Chase and Marshall. It was such a family fun time putting slime inside the bath toys and squeezing the green slime out. We also put a go pro inside the bath and take it under the bath tube to see how it look like inside the slime bath! Ryan also played with other bath toys like Disney Cars Toys McQueen and Tow Mater, Thomas the tank Engine from Thomas and Friends! This is such a fun video for kids who’s into slime fun!

Playtime in the Bath Tub Fun Playlist

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