Zomlings In The Town USA Series 1 Opening Surprise Toys Blind Bags Magic Trick Hotel Ryan ToysReview

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There are over 100+ Zomlings in Series 1 to collect which includes rare, ultra rare and limited Editions Zomlings that can be found in regular blind bags and other packs! Join Ryan from Ryan ToysReview as he open Zomlings in the Town USA Series 1 Surprise Toys Bling Bags, Magic Tricks Hotel and much more! The Zomlings are creepy little collectibles creature that are available from WhatNot Toys in the U.S. The Zomlings live in Zomlings Town and they all live on different streets in the town!

Ryan also had fun stacking towers and knocking them down with Zomlings! We also played easter egg hunt and crane crane to find toys surprise!